THEY improv provides improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for fundraising for a variety of country club gala events. These are considered to be larger events that are a bit more lavish and designed to wow the audience from the moment they step into the facility until they head home at the end.



Country clubs are prestigious in many ways, and events that are held need to meet a high standard of quality in order to wow their members. After all, their members tend to be in the higher classes of society and are quite used to parties that are at the higher end of the scale. Into this environment is the Gala Event. This is an all-encompassing event that caters to the audience from the moment that they walk through the door, while the mill around during cocktails, during the meal, after-meal entertainment, possible dancing afterwards and until the valet parking staff return their cars to the guests.

For us, performing for a gala event for a golf or country club is about making everyone in the room feel special and to feel complimented throughout the evening. This means paying attention to them and providing one-on-one attention. Giving them that direct interaction, as best we can with the large group, helps to make everyone feel special.

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WE LOOK OUT FOR YOU We have a variety of techniques that we can use to promote social distancing and safety during our shows. We can discuss these items with you and develop a strategy to work at your location in a relatively safe environment.

For such shows, we have created a variety of show options that can fit into a broader evening of fun. No, we don't provide the valet parking staff usually, but we could if you would like. We've provided everything from catering staff, waiters, bartenders, casino game players, etc. This is usually part of the creation of atmosphere and has these staff members as characters in a broader event. They cost more than the normal people that would provide these functions, of course, but can also help to make a larger event all the more special.

Beyond simply providing characters, we can provide after dinner entertainment. This usually involves stand-up comedians, improvisational comedy, game shows, magic shows or emcees. This would often start at the beginning of dessert and go for anywhere from 20-90 minutes depending on your desire. They each require a different amount of technical requirements.

We have a variety of murder mystery shows for country club member events that could be for entertainment and could also include charity fundraising. These shows tend to run the full length of an event with our cast of characters interacting with audiences from the beginning. This helps to create the atmosphere and allows people to enter and leave their outside lives outside. For banquets, we normally provide 4-7 actors. This is usually supplemented with a wide range of additional characters depending on budget. These usually go along with a fun theme including possibly a wedding, mobsters or even being in a speakeasy.

For Gala Events, we often bring additional performers including dancers, singers, and actors that provide other services. For example, in our Movie Mogul theme, we often would include a Casting Director that provides a casting session on the side of the room with audience members being directed through performing their favorite scenes from movies.

There are many options for such events and we generally would have several conversations to discuss various possibilities before coming up with a final plan. There is simply too many options to provide here and we look forward to discussing this with your committee to help come up with the best approach to your Gala Event.

gala events

Gala Events

Let us provide you with entertainment for your gala events to take them to the next level. This is for larger groups that need to have the white glove treatment.

charity shows

Charity Shows

We can help to raise money for a variety of causes by providing country club entertainment! Ask us how!

golf entertainment

Golf Entertainment

We can bring entertainment onto the golf course. Find out how we can help your players feel special!

Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties

Allow us to provide entertainment for the holidays and your special occasions.

hospitality training

Hospitality Training

We have events that we can bring in to help your staff to improve their customer service.



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