We provide a variety of themes for straight murder mystery dinners in country clubs across the nation for different groups and gatherings. This can include member events, charity benefits and private parties. We consult with you to come up with the best approach for the group involved and capabilities of your facilities. The Straight Murder Mystery is the industry standard, though we've been known to take it to the next level.



The Straight Murder Mystery is the industry standard. A group of actors interacts with your audience starting during cocktails. During that time they're making people laugh while also getting out an understanding of who the characters are.

During dinner, our characters increase the activity. This includes interactions at the tables, arguments that walk around the room, and some moments in front of the audience as a whole. This lets the audience start to understand the relationships, the problems between the characters and what may prove to be the motivation for a murder.

This leads to a murder that occurs at the beginning of dessert. We rarely have gunshots as we don't want to risk a heart attack among the audience. This then leads to a comedy routine where our comedic detective takes over and interrogates audience members about what they saw. Often the detective is played by the same actor that played the victim.

After getting basic information out through the interrogations, the suspects mingle with the audience and work as teams to solve the crime. This could also be done with individuals providing solutions or could be solved on-stage to speed the process for larger groups. The winners receive small prizes so as to not greatly upset those that came close but didn't win.

alderman murder mystery 20's

Death of The Alderman

This 1920's themed party involves the election of an Alderman to the local city council. The party is a celebration of his victory and those in attendance are his supporters dressed as flappers and mobsters. This includes the North Side Mob, the South Side Mob, his spouse, political figures and temperance workers. It's a great time had by all and we can add a costume contest as well.

family murder mystery

The Meeting of the Family

This mobster themed show involves the head of the local family. Taking on the personality of your city, the show quickly customizes to the audience involved. Suspects usually include a spouse, a Consigliari, a rival mobster and a politician in the pocket of the mob.

millionaire's mansion

Murder of The Millionaire

One of the more standard scenarios, this involves a millionaire who made his wealth on the backs of many others. This is a celebration were he is making an announcement about the future of his business and those potentially effected are not happy. This likely includes a spouse, a girlfriend, a business partner, a yes-man, a competitor and a politician. By changing characters and changing the origin of his fortune we can quickly customize a scenario just for your group.

spy secret agent

The Murder of 008

Our own take on the spy genre has the death of 008. You Only Live Twice? Not so fast! Our second fiddle secret agent to his more famous counterpart decides to retire and a rogues gallery of suspects emerge.

movie music mogul

The Movie or Music Mogul

This 1940's Hollywood themed party involves the celebration of a movie mogul. The various pseudo famous actors, actresses, writers, singers and directors suffer at the whims of the mogul and one of them has gotten their revenge. While originally performed as being in the 1940s, we have done an 80's Music Mogul scenario or different eras.

custom scenarios

Custom Scenarios

We have a collection of great themes that can fit most any occasion. Additionally, we can create just about any scenario that you can think of, and often at no additional cost. The costs do rise when additional costumes, more actors or travel is required. We have performed practically every thing you can think of and can create new ones as needed. If you have a themed party and would like to see if we can provide a show that will fit, simply ask. There is never an obligation until we get a signed contract.

A customized Country Club Murder Mystery show written just for your members and the venue is a perfect way to have quality entertainment that has audiences laughing. These member events are perfect to entertain the community or for holiday parties, weddings, family gatherings, season kick-offs, banquets, dinners or charity fundraising!

These shows can be provided not only in the evening, but also make a great idea for a lunch or at other times during the day that might not even be around a meal. Let us discuss various ideas that can work for you. Because every member event is custom designed you have to contact us directly to receive a quote for your country club straight murder mystery dinner party.

GOLF CLUB MURDER MYSTERIES We have a variety of murder mystery approaches involving a death involving golf. We have scenarios where the golf pro is killed, sometimes using your own golf pro as a stand-in. We have the head of the FBI Division fighting golf fraud losing his life. We have others involving players and equipment makers. We even have one to be conducted during shotgun tournaments on the course. Just ask us for more information.

golf events
covid-19 coronavirus social distancing

WE LOOK OUT FOR YOU We have a variety of techniques that we can use to promote social distancing and safety during our shows. We can discuss these items with you and develop a strategy to work at your location in a relatively safe environment.

Add-ons: - We have several add-ons that can be provided for any event. These include:
Wandering Minstrels
Photo Booths
Audition Booths
Wine Tasting
Lessons of Many Types

Contact us today to learn about how we can bring you the straight murder mystery show that will have all your members talking about for years!

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